Memory Seed Pendent Gold

Memory Seed Pendent Gold

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Shrine Jewelry's Memory Seed Pendent is the perfect way to keep a treasured memory close to your heart.  Our Memory Seed pendants are crafted with sand, soil, or cremation remains that are permanently sealed into molten 14 karat gold, creating a captivating jewelry piece as unique as the memory it holds.

You can choose the sand, soil or cremation remains that you'd like included in the finished product, whether it be from a beach you've always held dear, a forest of your favorite memories or the cremains of a loved one. Your most precious memories will be captured and marked for eternity.

Wear the Memory Seed pendant as an ever present reminder of all that’s special in life. Our Memory Seeds bring together something truly enduring and esthetic – timeless objects designed to last a lifetime...and beyond.

You can have multiple Memory Seeds joining together on one chain if desired (sold separately). Let our jewels become part of your everyday life as a gorgeous reminder for everything that matters most.