Explore the power of divination using Shrine Jewelry's classic pendulum with silver chain and eye counter weight. This stunning piece is crafted with the utmost intention and care, creating an heirloom-quality piece. Pendulums have been used for years to tap into ancient prophecies. What makes our pendulum truly special is that it can be fully customized with sand or cremains, allowing you to bring the memory and energy of your loved ones to your spiritual practice.

The natural energy of this piece will draw you in, radiating a feeling of calm and positivity to ground you during a reading. Pendulum divination is perfect for those moments when you want to gain access to another realm and seek knowledge beyond what we can touch and see. With the sand cast process, you can weave together the experience of a cherished place in time or the fond memory of someone who has passed away – all within the simple elegance of this special pendulum. This divine tool provides an unparalleled potential to unlock psychic revelations, making it a cherished item for any spiritual journey.