Brienna Hall is an accomplished and multi-talented artist based in Little River, California. She runs her jewelry studio in the picturesque village of Mendocino and lives there with her daughter, husband and their two dogs. Brienna is an experienced artisan having worked as a professional jeweler for over 15 years. After completing her BFA in sculpture with a minor in fiber arts from the prestigious Kansas City Art Institute in 2004, she established her first jewelry company, Brienna Hall Jewelry. The venture soon blossomed into Shrine Jewelry – a business dedicated to making jewelry wearing an intentional act imbued with greater significance. 

 The designs crafted by Shrine Jewelry are deeply reflective of the natural beauty that surrounds her home on the rugged northern Californian coastline. Inspired by the rawness and power of nature each piece is thoughtfully handmade with utmost attention to detail. Her works feature a combination of traditional metal smithing combined with non traditional textile techniques like knitting and crocheting with chain. Drawing on her background in textiles, Brienna has developed a unique approach to metal work.

 Knowing that all materials have stories to tell, she creates jewelry that has both mystical and emotional meaning. She believes in creating pieces that are personal and special that can be passed on for generations. As a way to honor her mother’s memory, she created the Memory Seed Collection – a purposeful line of jewelry featuring amulets that can contain cremains or sand/earth from significant locations. This collection celebrates moments in time by incorporating physical mementos into each custom piece. By using this technique, Shrine Jewelry hopes to help people honor their loved ones or cherish meaningful memories while wearing a beautiful piece of art. 

 Shrine Jewelry is inspired by nature, symbolizing the power and mystery of the stars, moon, and galaxies.  Brienna’s goal is to give customers access to meaningful pieces that were created thoughtfully, allowing them to look beautiful while feeling connected to nature and the universe around them.  In Shrine Jewelry you will see a collection inspired by the wisdom of the cosmos – encapsulating its inherent beauty in every piece.