Onyx Pyramid Necklace Shrine Jewelry

Onyx Pyramid Necklace

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At its centre rests an Onyx Pyramid that embodies dark beauty like the night itself. Elegant chain fringe adds movement and flow, creating an unforgettable statement piece that is perfect for making a lasting impression anywhere you go.

This necklace is carefully crafted from polished Onyx shaped into a sacred pyramid, a powerful stone whose crystal structure radiates fortitude and spiritual protection. Each piece carries with it symbols of hidden knowledge and secret stories, steeped in centuries-old legend. The intricate Pyramids of Egypt remind us of our connection to an eternal, mystical lineage that connects us all. 

Combining both an oxidized knit silver chain with an Onyx Pyramid pendant and chain fringe, this piece of jewelry holds immense power and beauty evoking images of cascading night skies and a darkly divine beauty. Add a touch of the mystical to your collection!