Super Moon earrings Shrine Jewelry
Super Moon earrings Shrine Jewelry
14 karat double clad gold fill statement earrings paying homage to the moon

Super Moon earrings

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 Our elegant 14 carat double clad gold fill earrings are a celebration of the power of the super moon, with its magic illuminating what’s been lurking in the shadows for too long. Let our pieces be your tribute: a reminder that you have the strength to overcome obstacles and spark transformation.

The crescent shapes represent letting go, setting goals, and connecting to your bigger vision. The curves of these gorgeous earrings remind us that everything ebbs and flows - take courage in the waxing and waning of energy each month; know that change can be embraced when we honor our rhythms. 

Our gold fill statement earrings are a symbol of journeying together towards a brighter future regardless all else that may be happening in the world.  When you wear these you are celebrating the Super moon’s beauty and power - go out into this world confident in yourself! Allow these transformative pieces to open doors within your heart and remind you that anything is possible if you keep faith along your path towards an ever-evolving destiny...